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Chillin’ on the Board Walk in Virginia Beach!

Chillin’ on the Board Walk in Virginia Beach!

Saved Ice in Virginia BeachOur summer road trip continues. I’m lovin’ our latest stop! Virginia Beach or bust! This place rocks! From the gorgeous sunrise from our hotel balcony in the morning to the beautiful beach and ocean. It’s clean, it’s fun, it’s awesome! I’ve never been here before, but, I’m coming back! We’re here for a big National dance competition. My daughter, Ireland, has 7 dances. We lucked out because it turned out that most of them are spread over two days, giving us a little time to chill out. I love watching all the activity on the beach from a shaded part on our hotel’s patio. It’s so cool to see the military jets from the nearby Norfolk military base! They practice landing on aircraft carriers. I could watch this all day! Then, rumor has it one of the boats I’ve been watching out there has Tom Hanks on board. I hear they are filming a movie!

Ireland (on the far right above) and her dance team have been spending lots of time on the beach and in the water, cooling off with shaved ice and lot’s of ice cream. At night the dance moms and girls all having great seafood dinners! Lots of fresh fish and crab here! Love it! Time to get off the beach and head to the dance competition. I’ll let you know how they do!
Virginia Beach BoardwalkVirginia Beach Sunrise

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