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A White Christmas After All!

A White Christmas After All!

White Christmas - 2012We wondered. We waited. It wasn’t looking like Christmas would be white in Wisconsin this year. That is, until a couple days ago. A big winter storm was brewing but, would it really happen? If you live in the Midwest you know the answer to that. The night before Blizzard Brianna, as named by our local station Fox 11, or Snowstorm Draco, as it was named by the Weather Channel, they closed schools in Green Bay. If that happens, you know it’s looking pretty serious! Draco means dragon or beast, and trust me, it’s been one! The snow started early this morning and it just keeps coming! 14 to 18 inches or more they say when it’s all said and done! And, on top of that really strong winds. Besides schools lots of businesses closed. I had to cancel my book signings. A snow day! A free day to just do whatever! So, I did! I enjoyed the day inside making my Pizza Soup with stuff we had in the pantry. I got my Christmas presents organized and wrapped. I basically just hung out with my kiddos. My college Freshman, Riley, is home for Christmas break. He was out with a snow blower and shovel trying to stay on top of the driveway. Our dog, Levi, wanted in on the action too! In this weather, Levi needed a hat too! LOL! Looks like we’re having a white Christmas! My favorite kind! Will it be a white Christmas for you too? What did you do during the storm? Make anything good? How much snow in your area?

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    Traci Briggs

    December 21st, 2012 at 7:57 PM

    Merry Christmas….I sure hope I find your new cookbook under my tree…autographed and everything!!

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    Richard Hanten

    December 21st, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    That snow looks mighty cold ! but don’s have any of that stuff here so not sure how cold!……Does that snow blower have to by pushed…..or is that a little engine perched on top ?? !! Either way it looks like a big job…….and Levi looks great in his hat………but not sure that he wouldn’t like to go inside !!!
    Love from Dad.

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