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A Perfect Dinner!

A Perfect DinnerSure, it’s fun going to a fancy restaurant every once in a while but, some of the best dinners I’ve ever eaten have been home cooked meals. This week I’ve been treated to some pretty amazing dinners. We haven’t eaten out once yet
during our Jamaican vacation. Instead we let Gloria, the chef at our villa, suprise us every night. The salads are so fresh with the most gorgeous tomatoes. Then it’s either fish or jerk chicken, roasted potatoes, sauteed vegetables, and my favorite, the rice and peas. A Perfect Dinner!We sit outside and soak in the view. Sometimes a cruise ship passes by! This is heaven! I’m even learning how to how to make some of their special dishes! I’ll share recipes very soon! Do you have a special dinner that you’ll never forget? Please share!

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    January 27th, 2012 at 8:28 AM

    Sounds heavenly. We have sunshine today. :-)

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